Experience the transforming power of God’s love. Call Me Vivian is a true story about a woman caught in adultery. On the fast track in Corporate America, Scheller became involved in an illicit love affair with her boss that newspapers reported as “sordid.” Not everyone’s extramarital affair makes front page news or results in a civil lawsuit and criminal charges that land a person in federal prison, but hers did.

From a financially secure future to losing everything except her positive attitude, sense of humor, and faith, Scheller found herself sleeping on the concrete floor in a prison cell she describes as “one step above hell.” It was in this place that God did His best work!

This book exposes the truth about Scheller’s struggle with sexual sin, the battle for her heart, and the transforming power of God’s love. Through Scheller’s heartache, pain, and countless years of searching, you will gain a better understanding of God’s wonderful gifts of grace and forgiveness.

Call Me Vivian will prove all things are possible with God if you simply have the faith to believe.