"Call Me Vivian is an inspiring true story about facing your fears, being given a second chance, discovering your divine destiny, and finding true love."

Rev. Ruth Ann Nylen, PhD

Founder, Really Good News Ministries

I am forever blessed for having read <em>Call Me Vivian</em>. I felt the presence of God and his Holy Spirit speaking to me. I pray that God continues to use Katie Scheller to minister to his lost and wounded lambs.

James Earl Quant Jr.

Inmate, Wyoming Correctional Facility

I try to make it a habit to write to an author when he or she has written something that has reached me and attached to my soul. I am so thankful that Jesus, in his awesome orchestrating abilities, allowed Katie’s path and my path to converge by placing her book into my hands. All this time, I have been convinced that addiction was my problem. God has finally shown me that addiction is only a symptom of a much bigger issue: codependency. May the blessings of the Lord pursue and overtake you and may you be victorious in all that you set your hands to do.

Amy Davidson

Inmate, Weakly County Jail, Tennessee

I am touched and inspired by Katie Scheller’s journey. The miracles and revelations that transpired in her life could only have come from the great God we serve. May the Lord continue to provide for The Vivian Foundation.

Cynthia Houvenel

Inmate, Federal Correctional Institution, California

I read <em>Call Me Vivian</em> and could not believe the similarities between Katie’s life and mine. Thank you for the inspiration to never ever give up.

Nicki Bibbs

Inmate, Hampton Roads Regional Jail, Virginia

Katie’s story feels so much like my own. I have resolved to use whatever time I have been given here on earth to draw closer to God.

Angela Greer

Inmate, Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre, Australia

I’m fighting a war every day. I still have a lot of work to do, but thanks to Katie Scheller and Call Me Vivian, I understand I’m no longer doing it alone! God’s got my back.

Katy Judd

Inmate, North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women, North Carolina

I have distributed Call Me Vivian to our chapel and state libraries, and every unit has several copies as well. This book is not only touching inmates but also staff. I saw our chaplain walking on campus and carrying Call Me Vivian. He has since expressed what a wonderful book it is. Your continued generosity of sending so many books to our facility has blessed countless women and their families.

Pamela Smith

Inmate and Angel Network Librarian at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, Washington

<em>Call Me Vivian</em> gave me hope and a great outlook on life. God gives the toughest battles to the strongest soldiers.

Crystal Morris

Inmate, Martin County Jail, Florida

<em>Call Me Vivian</em> gave me hope when I felt like there was none. It was an easy, relatable story and helped me realize I don’t have to keep struggling.

Janelle Jesuca

Inmate, Martin County Jail, Florida

<em>Call Me Vivian</em> was like a divine intervention from God. I totally felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me and could not believe what I was reading; it was like I was reading pieces of my own story. I know that all things are possible with God.

Giuliana Bosco

Inmate, Vista Detention Facility, California

I was feeling hopeless when <em>Call Me Vivian</em> gave me a second wind.

Sonya Pittman

Inmate, Aliceville Alabama Prison Camp

I loved <em>Call Me Vivian</em>. It made me cry, laugh, and grow closer to the Lord. I can’t explain it, but this book drew me closer to God. I am so excited that he is in control of my future.

Daniel Kiss

Inmate, Mid North Coast Correctional Centre, Australia

<em>Call Me Vivian</em> is such an uplifting, inspiring testimony for which I am grateful. My spiritual growth has been an uphill, vigorous one. This book has touched me and many others here at the institution. We need more inspiring women of Katie Scheller’s caliber.

Viviana Rivas-Gunn

Inmate, Washington Corrections Center for Women, Washington

I finished reading <em>Call Me Vivian</em>, and Katie Scheller’s journey was compelling. Her inspiring message surely transformed some of the women’s hearts to trust God for their future.

Faye Boyd

Forgiven Ministry, Inc. and One Day with God camp volunteer

Katie Scheller presented <em>Call Me Vivian</em> and her story at the Milwaukee Correctional Institution for Women. She is a powerful source of inspiration and an undeniably spirit-filled woman. The gospel is weaved into Katie’s message, and her story shows that overcoming sin is possible by filling the void in your heart with the one and only true source of love: God.

Diane Rolfs

Ministry lead of Eastbrook Church Prison